Following the alleviation of restrictive measures taken by the Swiss Federal Concil in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, medical consultations and infertility treatments will resume as of Monday, April 27.

Social distancing and sanitation measures have been implemented in the medical office and have to be observed.

Consultation through a web-based audio-visual tool is available and encouraged when a medical exam is not needed.

For infertility treatments, it’s important to consider the following points:

  • If there is no personal emergency (age, for example), you can postpone the treatment.
  • Although no additional deleterious effect has been so far documented, little is known about the impact of a COVID-19 infection on the pregnancy, the embryo, and the future child.
  • If one of the partners develops COVID-19 symptoms or is in contact with an infected person, the treatment will be cancelled.
  • Current guidelines might change based on the evolution of the sanitary conditions.